pruning roses with an ally

last year the climbing rose had been neglected
it had spread to hide the roof line
entered inside the eaves of the house
required hard labour to cut back and extract
from the timbers of the eaves
this year will be more straightforward

there are noises in this house through the night hours
brown brush tail possums         the large variety
not the more delicate grey ringtails
inhabit the vicinity and maraud on a nightly basis
loud and clumsy bludgeon-creatures of the after-hours

they leap to the roof with a startling thud
resounding like the clattered fall of a disheveled drunk
then a stumbling disport in the ceiling and the walls
complete with grunts                   defecation and staining urine
they dislodge electrical mountings
and gnaw the wires                   the warmth
of hot-water plumbing an un-subtly sought attractant
during rest periods in the riot of nocturnal disport

tender green shoots are a dietary supplement
left as abrupt         clean-bitten          stumps at the point
where each shoot becomes a little thicker
where the thorns perhaps present a challenge
to the sensitivity of a hungry pink mouth

pests and rest-depriving nuisances
these sleepy buffoons
but the prickly task of extracting rose branches
from the depths of the eaves this year
will not be difficult

© Frank Prem, 2001


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