my flag is flying blood red beneath the sky straight and tall it rises my flag will wave still when all war has passed me by my flag so straight and tall still rising battles won and battles lost who can say who won I ride into battle with my flag a pennant and my … Continue reading flag


by quince empowered

rocket flower to the sky up to the sun rocket flower still unfurled fly me up to the moon to mars I know I am fanciful a pedestrian I know that flight won't really happen but rocket flower you look so ... you look so ... take me away come on let's rise into the … Continue reading by quince empowered

calling once – not waiting

hey! I said hey! I'm talking to you yes you hey do you want me to use my trumpet pa-pa-pa pa-pa-pa hey you there can you hear me pa-pa-pa I'm speaking I'm shouting are you there are you paying attention pa-pa-pa listen to me I will only call once this year I am only calling you … Continue reading calling once – not waiting

pruning roses with an ally

last year the climbing rose had been neglected it had spread to hide the roof line entered inside the eaves of the house required hard labour to cut back and extract from the timbers of the eaves this year will be more straightforward there are noises in this house through the night hours brown brush … Continue reading pruning roses with an ally

Mis-arrangement of Flowers

One last contribution in my role as Flâneur there were roses in the bottom of a rubbish bin on main street down in chelsea the wrapping paper informs me they've never been inside a vase as I was butting out a cigarette on the metal-edge of the bin I wondered why they were discarded still tightly … Continue reading Mis-arrangement of Flowers