(PAD #026) mag-pen-pie

the magpiecrosses the veranda I am insideon the first floorgazing through a window I am visitorto a cup of coffee outsidethe tables and chairsstand emptyon a cold day and the magpiewalkswith insouciance between tablesuponto a chair across a table acrossonto a chair then a balustrade beforefalling . . . gliding . . . flying flying … Continue reading (PAD #026) mag-pen-pie


(PAD #013) puppy signs (on a new laid sky)

somebody’s puppyhas run away I can seeclearlyeach stepshe has taken I guess that must bethe reasona newly laidskymust be clearedthenlaid againtomorrow stilljust nowthere’s a pupoff the leash could you allplease look upinto your sky report backas urgentyour personalsightings ______________________________________________________________________________ Would you like to be notified about changes and developments in my writing world, new poetry … Continue reading (PAD #013) puppy signs (on a new laid sky)

(PAD #04) I (raptor) in the sky

I wouldfly a kite raptorin the air see youbelow see everywhere raptorin the sky I would . . . I would . . . the air ______________________________________________________________________________ Would you like to be notified about changes and developments in my writing world, new poetry collections and giveaways? Subscribe to my monthly Newsletter here.

fire #28: wild cats (preview)

a wild cat purrs a little wild cat purr while she’s prowling rrrr-rrrr a wild cat sings a little yow-yow-yow when she’s howling yow-ow-ooww yo-oww a wild cat burns in the night on the hunt my wild cat stirs in the night while I hunt a wild cat purrs rrrr-rrrr while I sing a little … Continue reading fire #28: wild cats (preview)

gaston, my canard, teaches fantasy

gaston my tutor is teaching imagination and fantasy using french words il est facile d'apprendre le fantaisié le qwark (quack quack) yes gaston my professeur takes a gallic approach to reverie le qwa-wa-wark (quack quack) qwa-wa-wark (quack quack) he waggles his feathers quacks so fast I haven't the imagerie to take in what he says … Continue reading gaston, my canard, teaches fantasy