damascus in a heatwave

I was going to take a walk then I thought maybe a book somehow I find I'm here instead it's hard to settle down there's nothing that appeals I squirm to avoid oppression and the indecisive day goes by blistering whatever risks exposure until a darkened room is all that’s left a darkened room and … Continue reading damascus in a heatwave


my father is re-fixing his kitchen chairs adding a second layer of foam underneath the straps that the furniture guy put in already he has re-laid the new pavers and re-aligned a recently added patio fence now he is re-upholstering the re-upholstered it's not he says that he is too fussy no it's just that … Continue reading re-finishing

above the alps

someday I will write these ranges I am flying above it is a day of sun the sharp-edged slopes are dirty green in its dying angular shapes lengthened in shadow the unrolling loneliness of ridge after covered ridge is broken by the anachronistic symmetry that is the straightness of roads carved through the forest wilderness … Continue reading above the alps

MCG (Black and White and Blues)

I can feel it with my hand on a wall the MCG alive with rumbled dull thunder vibrating through acres of concrete and brick the first twenty thousand to gather are trembling the foundations of this coliseum we are early but the filling of the tiers has begun the reserve teams are the dew-kickers out … Continue reading MCG (Black and White and Blues)