untitled – c

this is a story about companionship in the mornings when I rise I pace the floor noting shadows and silences that watch my movements neither guardians nor sentinels their significance eludes me on the patio I can lean against a fence that forms a boundary between myself and the garden bed unkempt through my neglectful … Continue reading untitled – c

thinking about the still to come

yesterday was a bread I baked from flour and yeast to aroma and crust today was coffee from green beans to brown tomorrow might be sauce from tomatoes on the vine and I’m wondering about the things that I might do with a harvest of apples and a pick of dark berries that’s already overdue … Continue reading thinking about the still to come

friday marching

police are at the lights halting traffic for a disheveled line of twos and threes mostly older and oddly formal in long coats and small hats with occasional children like the misplacement of a Sunday over the road to right-angle past the few shops and on towards the crossing halted by the raising of an … Continue reading friday marching

a shooting star in emergency

I thought I saw a shooting star not far above the height of my head on the road outside the fence-line it moved fast enough to create the illusion but soon too soon became just a car travelling the highway lights reflected on the overhead wires of the electricified train line and in a moment … Continue reading a shooting star in emergency

after ’till the next time’

but later after the energy has gone drained in a celebratory extravagance super-high super-charged and burned magnesium ignited and you were so ... you were so so good and it rushed around your body till you buzzed and hummed fast really fast but after so empty that you rattle like a rock in a can … Continue reading after ’till the next time’