on the scratching

predawn the light comes creeping magpie carols a sweet song the day seems to come slowly from a million miles away I close my eyes it is gone completely for a moment all is still is quiet nothing disturbs the day break and then the pause like the night preceding has passed by on the … Continue reading on the scratching


his fingers move across the keys to put words on a page like the pressing of chords to shape a spoken music that will carry his reader away lost for awhile inside the little story-tales set somewhere between the pounding of drama and the tinkle of love softly played in words damaged by a narration … Continue reading composition

po-dro – transcribing now

he is under observation nothing special about him just a man but under surveillance from a poetry drone riding at his shoulder hanging close just behind him watching what he does seeing inside what he thinks sometimes framing his thought a little better than he could manage on his own a little buzz it’s on … Continue reading po-dro – transcribing now