best words (repainted)

A Poem a Day in September: #35 (Final)

and I see that I
am like a painter
drawn over
and again
to repeat my theme

a self-portrait
sketched in raindrops
then roughed
afresh and differently
the same

in the night
I hear the wind howl
it sings the low song
to me

even the sunshine
of morning
that brings the green
into new light
is a reminder that I see this
every day

a rosella bells
a magpie sings
the plover screams aloud
and I am re-made
my image


before the sound dies
hoo hoo hoo
is that my n…

hoo hoo hoo

it fills me
and I will draw it
in my best words

using my best words

© Frank Prem, 2016

This is the final in the September 2016 poem-a-day set. It exceeded the number of days, but was fun to do. Hope you enjoyed reading them.
The October 2016 Poem-a-day sets starts here: Poem #1: belle and beau

4 thoughts on “best words (repainted)

    • It’s been my very great pleasure Polly. I might put up a series about drought that I penned a couple of years ago up next.

      This current series might lend itself to being the first run of a 4 seasons effort. Or something LOL.

      Thanks so much for reading and your comments. They’ve been great.


      Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks Davy. It’s been great. Feels like a long time since ‘dancing the fire alight in the evening’ which was #1.

      I’ll still post plenty, I’m sure, but won’t push quite so much.

      Delighted you’ve enjoyed reading along.



      Liked by 1 person

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