shaman (to the hunt)

the man who was the bull
who was the snake
sheds his skin
then rises up new once more

he wears the hide
that was buffalo
adjusts the mask
and becomes the deer

through the snout of wolf
through the eyes of owl
he knows this is the time
through the feet of bear he begins to move

a primordial stutter

a neolithic strut

a paleolithic grunt

a wide neanderthal smile

the new man is completed
as he staggers

to the crash
to the pound
to the beating of a drum

he is dancing above the plain
gives a cry to the beasts below

the moon is full
the moon is high
and tonight he has risen outside himself
to dance among the wandering herds
to call the beasts again

ki-aiy-aiy   ay-aiy-aiy-aiy-ay
ki-aiy-ay    aiy-aiy-aiy-aiy-o

he has risen with the moon
to summon the hunt again
the beasts are still
the hunters wait
the shaman chants his music
across the plain

ki-aiy-aiy    ay-aiy-aiy-aiy-ay

© Frank Prem, 2010

Another poem in this series is a call: a dance: here again: gone

shaman (to the hunt) is taken from an unpublished mythologically inspired series of poems arising from repeat exposures to the work of the late Joseph Campbell.

Daily Prompt: Façade

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