three presentations

A Poem a Day in September: #33

surround yourself in silence
for preference
don something black

stand in the sharpness
of a spotlight

say nothing
until it’s right
say nothing until

a few words
just a few words

hold again
quite still don’t move
until the room is shushed
at you

say it again
slowly and clear
say it again

then go


put the white-face on
dust talcum into your hair

wear a white sack

stand at the mic
speak monotone
made up monotone
before you whistle
at the feedback technology
beside you

turn on the static

turn on distortion

turn on the noise


stand at the mic
speak in a monotone
refer to yourself
the third person

turn on the noise


wear the performance Akubra
and a driza-bone
over moleskins

elastic-sided boots
the kind you’d wear
as a swaggie
of the modern day

check you in the mirror
then on to the floor

move around
hold attention
move around

you can’t stand still
while reciting the tale
of Clancy

the Snowy River

the throat-cut
from Ironbark

bow low again

and go
stage exit

© Frank Prem, 2016

Poem #34: for the coming of the wind


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