there – at the gorge

A Poem a Day in September: #31

view-from-spring-creek-bridge-beechworthInspired by the pastel painting: View from Spring Creek Bridge by Leanne Murphy

did I once swim
in that sweet pool

where a rose-blush
lies upon the honey
and laughter
bubbles the white water

under the curtain shelf
of that little waterfall
was that a glimpse of me in there
from you

did you find me

do you still seek among the wilds
of that long forgotten
creek bed

reach out your hand
right now
and I’ll be there

for you
still waiting

© Frank Prem, 2016

Poem #32: the wet September ‘why’

Painting: Leanne Murphy

More pictures of the gorge (as walked last Sunday), including me penning a pome, are available for a peek at Leanne’s Blog.

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