witchy wire

he said

put away your witchy-wire woman
there’s no need for it here

I can find your water


well well clever man
show me where you say it lies
and let my boy tell you
where I found the precious life
and we’ll see

I don’t know where it came from
but my sister and I
both could follow the water lines
from when we were kids

there was no laid pipe could hide from us
each one we found

my grandfather had the gift himself
but he didn’t teach it
old curmudgeon
he’d give you nothing
but his certainty and scorn

for me it’s a twist of gauge wire
with a short handle
and a long end out front

it acts up like a sudden song
when there’s water below

my hands grow hot
and close to blisters

if I hold the witch up
into the air
she spins like a mad thing

that’s the sign of water

I’m only a woman
and they say divining’s a man’s work
but I can hold the witchy wire
and when I tell you
here be water
be a man
and dig


so he went through the paddock
and he declared it
here and yes
it’s here

and so it was
for my boy confirmed
that the wire in my hand
had seen those places
before him

© Frank Prem, 2010

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