there will be a clue
in violets
when the perfume rises
to force a turn to halfway
across your shoulder
searching for a source
elusive and subtle

another will gleam
inside sunlight
arrayed to warm you
with a faint suggestion
of inner glow
emerging to transpire
porous and enlightened

there will be a third
in silence
when absence is a comfort
honing the quiet senses
to enhance possibilities for receipt
of messages released
and wordlessly directed

there will be clues
for you
if you should seek them
to aid your understanding
and a clarity of mind
that reaches through dilemmas
doubts and wonder

© Frank Prem, 2001

7 thoughts on “Clues

  1. I realize from the linked ‘dilemmas’ there is prompting going on. I appreciate a prompt-inspired piece that doesn’t feel like “What I Did This Summer” as both the prompt and the title used.

    Casual revelation and discovery, a comfortable pace of appreciation without demand is the feel of your poetry. ‘Clues’ spells this out perfectly.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Sandra.

      Thank you.

      I like to use the prompts as a key for an archive search, rather than as a fresh writing prompt, and that gives an off-centre response, at times.

      Delighted you enjoyed the piece and some of my other writing.




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