waiting for a picture of the devil

kevin’s just sitting in the waiting room
sipping on a litre of liquid

apropos of nothing much
he says the stuff tastes better
here in the private suite
than what they give you
at the public hospital up the road

here they’ll add a little cordial
though they’re stricter with the rules
only one glass every fifteen minutes
but at least the sweetener
keeps it palatable

he shows us the intravenous feeding line
that’s stuck permanent into his arm
because the crises are coming pretty regular

and yes he can still caress a slow beer
but his liver’s shot
the kidney’s are gone
and when he and a mate
sort of accidentally sank a six-pack
he nearly died from an overdose
of yellow in the blood

still they gave him just four months to go
two years ago
so that’s all right

and sitting around in a hospital gown
with his arse hanging out
and drinking shitty water
while he waits for the magnet
to fry a picture out of him
is just the price that’s due

but ah Christ he says
on a bad day
his belly aches like it can’t stop dancing
with a long-fingered devil
that squeezes too hard with each step
as he leads towards the finale

© Frank Prem, 2010

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