last escort

Poem #18 from tuesday night at emile’s (Final poem).

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she is walking away now
has observed him taking his leave
from the restaurant
followed him to his home

studying him
to establish a measure in her mind
of the ways he has changed
since that first encounter

she remembers it well
his face
his voice
the deep consternation
her appearance caused

and the differences visible in him
on the evening he had confronted her
oh yes
she denied it innocently
and he
poor fool
believed her
such a gullible man
but a sweetheart for all that

she has watched him
from concealment
on more than one occasion
since then

this will be the last time
a kind of farewell
in the form of an invisible escort
to his door
but she will not forget

even now
an attar of those red blooms
already long pressed into keepsake
plays in the air
about her
a sentient reminder
of the man from emile’s

© Frank Prem 2003

My thanks to everyone who has taken time to read tuesday night at emile’s and The Book of Evenings. It’s been my pleasure to present them, and I hope you’ve enjoyed them.


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