what is the inside
of a poem

are you there
if you live it

do you have to know
or is it


what is the inside
of your life

do you reside
in stanzas

must you recite yourself
or are you
because you


your image has
a lyric flow

your life is rhythm

your world
the driven cadence

how is it
on the inner side

come read to me

your life
in time

© Frank Prem, 2017

April 2017 Poem #22: creative space

4 thoughts on “inside

  1. I love this Frank, it expresses that difficulty in balancing whether or how to just live/experience or express and interpret that living/experiencing. I think writers, not necessarily people doing it all the time but people with writing ‘in them’ can’t help but take that strange disconnected stance of ‘looking in’ at our own life sometimes.

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  2. Polly I always feel I should avoid writing about the interior experience of the act and process of writing. It’s an old cliche, but I am convinced some of my best work is in the contemplation of what it is I do and why I seem to have to do it.

    Glad you enjoyed the piece. It’s a wonderful thing to explore.


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