at all (a living)

it is for . . . living it is for livingdon’t you know is thatwhat you are doing is it reallyliving I have wokensometimesin the morningwith my head fullof thoughtsand plans worriesand concerns and I have wokensometimeswith my head filledwith bleariness for the sakeof workand obligation so many different kindsof obligation andI have donethose thingsthat … Continue reading at all (a living)

Ich Liebe Dich

ich liebe dich my uncle stopped his lady in the middle of Melbourne turned her around till they were standing with their faces close and held her he just said it in a quiet voice and with a soft look so she knew he meant it and there was a smile creasing the corners of … Continue reading Ich Liebe Dich

earth movements

she is invisible somewhere below a horizon of pillow against wall not even the shape of breathing moves a topography of blankets ambiguously contoured to disguise the shifting ridge that is my arm buried beneath the covers I can locate the beating heart and chart inspiration by touch form subterranean connections between hand and skin … Continue reading earth movements

Dressing A Little Funny

arvi is coming along the footpath he looks the type to pass right by without a word but that's not really true he's a theodolite or some kind of sect like that and he's not allowed to meet my eyes or say hello and even one more christian feast is not enough to make him … Continue reading Dressing A Little Funny