untitled – c

this is a story about companionship in the mornings when I rise I pace the floor noting shadows and silences that watch my movements neither guardians nor sentinels their significance eludes me on the patio I can lean against a fence that forms a boundary between myself and the garden bed unkempt through my neglectful … Continue reading untitled – c

From NASA with love (for Christmas): left behind

and I speak just as though words might make up the heart of the sun I burst out of myself out of me to tell you to reach you and these words are sword they are flame they are ... the wound of me the gaping of this moment I left behind ~

the entertainer (last show)

he smiled showed teeth as he performed first juggling small batons three four lit and thrown and caught over and again a fiery pinwheel returned by hand to the air returned via parabola to hand then the longer pole lit at both ends dancing leaping he and his flames in accord mesmerizing the night with … Continue reading the entertainer (last show)

temporary permanent destruction

he was aware that every time he closed his eyes … each occasion of sleep saw the temporary permanent destruction of every thought and every idea that comprised the world his world only it is true but from his personal position his world was everything all that was all that is most of the time … Continue reading temporary permanent destruction