thwocking turbulence

the thwock-ing
of a copter blade
luffed my ears
and echoed
right through the house

I searched
to window
trying to locate the source
of the reverberation



an afterburn image
of blades spinning
pursuing themselves

always half a thwok

and a ripple through the air
like petrol
in a state
of vaporization

a turbulence that troubled
even the smooth air
in the sky

headed north
away from me

maybe the cops
maybe fire
some kind of super-special

going to somewhere

yeh yeh yeh
but not me

I’m for the nursing home
mother in the back seat
for a special-special
first ever time

see you later
I’ve got to go
to try to calm
some troubled air

but turbulence
is more likely
and flying
just half a thwock

© Frank Prem, 2017

Poem #14: strength

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