I am strong
I am
of the earth

I hear the slow melodies
of the underworld
as it moves

I reach deep
at least as deep
as I stand tall

the earth
and I
will not be moved


you are strong
I know I have touched
your boughs
no-one can make you move
I’m sure

rest awhile
I will rustle your leaves
with my song
as I sing you
and we sway

and bend
move with me
while I sing aloud
the song
that turns into
back and forward
can you lean
any further

blow blow
I will blow

will fall

© Frank Prem, 2017

Poem #15: the day away

7 thoughts on “strength

  1. I absolutely love this poem…It gives me notes of Dickinson & Poe with a dash of ghandi as the devil watches you read lol….if that makes sense. I read it twice so that I could have those ways of looking at it which defines brilliance. I won’t be a stranger to your page or poetry! This deserves a repost!

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