mock orange

tangerine sky the day today was a stinker every time I saw the sun it burned me every time I looked into the orb I went blind now tangerine the sky so benign is nothing but a stinker no apology no why no promise to put its ire away just a passive sweet good night … Continue reading mock orange

the disruption in Mary’s Room

eeee!!! eeeee!!!! stop it stop it I hate it oh I hate it I didn’t know it would be like that it was the exposure that caused her reaction all of her life was shades of grey dark and light black and bone either full-block or absent eeee!! eee! ee! it was the suddenness of … Continue reading the disruption in Mary’s Room

a visit home

he wheezes a first outing into uncontrolled air and it exhausts him completely as though he has been laboring for hours his breath hoarsely stertorous verging on distressed he looks around everywhere the familiar home of fifty years is more than halfway to seeming a stranger his first beer after a week of hospitalization taken … Continue reading a visit home

axeman: a philosophy of the woodpile

sometimes like life a round of sawn firewood is too damn hard so will it be the axe or the splitter perhaps the wedge and a hammer maybe there is no way to cut through that knot but if you take the round at the outer you can slice after slice it apart and what … Continue reading axeman: a philosophy of the woodpile

eucalyptus farewell

an old windmill across the back fence is twirling like it’s powered by the current from a river of the wind around and around while the branches high above are waving their eucalyptus fare-thee-well bye and bye bye and bye we’ll see you a little bit later there’s been a promise spoken that the rain … Continue reading eucalyptus farewell

voices know (wo-wo-wo)

the voices in the wind are talking oh wo-wo-wo oh-wo wo-wo every time I think I know what’s really going on wo oh-wo-wo-wo wo-wo oh-wo-wo quiet for a moment nothing for a spell I think I understand it but no oh wo-wo-wo the wind knows better wo-wo-wo I know nothing wo-wo-wo and nothing oh-wo is … Continue reading voices know (wo-wo-wo)