self portrait via life-draw

I have charcoaled a man I am inking a woman he wears a short goatee and no distinctive features she bears a tattoo that adorns the skin of her back like remnant lace from the rumple of a negligee tossed carelessly away his head is drawn as round as a circle and overly tiny I … Continue reading self portrait via life-draw

Saltless Autumn

I miss the sands of summer that yield to the probing of feet digging into an anchorage against the movement of blue water clear enough to see the golden embrace salt tasting my lips I stood in the wash of rising tides felt the cool lick at my skin upon my face the release of … Continue reading Saltless Autumn


there is a floe drifting the sky bunched up separated encompassing pinpoints of light while it follows the last fade of the sun that seeks west as if gravity resides down there just a small way beneath the horizon they sail seeking serene in their ocean under their stars © Frank Prem, 2017 Poem #17: on peaceful … Continue reading floe

thwocking turbulence

the thwock-ing of a copter blade luffed my ears and echoed right through the house I searched window to window trying to locate the source of the reverberation there high an afterburn image of blades spinning somehow pursuing themselves always half a thwok behind and a ripple through the air like petrol in a state … Continue reading thwocking turbulence

a-wooing for coffee

Yellow Bourbon E- special Ethiopia Yirgacheffe as well their green beans turn to brown in the oily smoke with a cra-cra- crackling sound coffee over the stove-top it's Espresso that gets me wired here’s a batch of beans green-to-brown them turn the heat much higher grind them start the day right percolate the bubbling growl … Continue reading a-wooing for coffee

above the alps

someday I will write these ranges I am flying above it is a day of sun the sharp-edged slopes are dirty green in its dying angular shapes lengthened in shadow the unrolling loneliness of ridge after covered ridge is broken by the anachronistic symmetry that is the straightness of roads carved through the forest wilderness … Continue reading above the alps

ambrosia named

praise the smell of peaches rising up from the bowl not quite ripe just yesterday today they fill the whole room have you smelt the peaches hold a moment inhale them right now let them fill your senses with the fragrance that’s all around you peaches nectar peaches ambrosia your name today they fill this … Continue reading ambrosia named