what did you do today

you what did you do today well I got abused by my mother and you what did you do today I hospitalised my father she did it for her own true sake had to keep some control and I did it for his very own good he doesn’t like it but that's the way it's … Continue reading what did you do today

trying to be helpful

I will wear my boots that were made for combat my camo pants and my camo shirt a slouch hat like the soldiery with a feather on one side fortify myself with a strong shot of coffee a shot of milk I am a bad-ass man (I tell myself) ready again to do battle ~ … Continue reading trying to be helpful

a visit home

he wheezes a first outing into uncontrolled air and it exhausts him completely as though he has been laboring for hours his breath hoarsely stertorous verging on distressed he looks around everywhere the familiar home of fifty years is more than halfway to seeming a stranger his first beer after a week of hospitalization taken … Continue reading a visit home

thwocking turbulence

the thwock-ing of a copter blade luffed my ears and echoed right through the house I searched window to window trying to locate the source of the reverberation there high an afterburn image of blades spinning somehow pursuing themselves always half a thwok behind and a ripple through the air like petrol in a state … Continue reading thwocking turbulence