hope rage

they’re feeble attempts
with each
that sounds on the roof
we feel lighter

more joyous

we tell each other
how clean everything looks

on the freshness
of the air

and we marvel
at drop-patterns
in the dust

after the best
this storm can do

I want to rage
about the futility
of these few drops

kick and stamp
and shout

the despair I feel

the dismay that is all around

I cannot

for every inadequate
of a raindrop
brings me undone
in a surge of hopefulness

and I listen closely
for each strike of water
on the tin
above me

© Frank Prem, 2006

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13 thoughts on “hope rage

  1. N. Central Texas was in a severe drought condition for years. I came to appreciate the psychological impact it has.
    Then, as they say, “the only way out if a drought is a flood.” Those have been devastating to our neighbors to the south where the rivers drain.
    But I do appreciate every drop we get. And I’m frustrated with an ecosystem out of balance.

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    • That’s the abiding feeling Michael – frustration because it is stuffed, frustration because we can;t fix it. No balance and not a lot of hope for the future.

      I could get quite miserable about it if I don’t desist.

      anyway, let’s rage on, hey?




      • I would see clouds roll in and wonder why we stopped seeding them to bring rain. A vague memory from my youth.
        And I wonder about the elaborate worldwide system that exists to distribute oil, and why we can’t relieve flood stricken areas and saturate drought stricken.
        All the tech we have and can’t do shit about Mother nature. Tsunami, earthquake, volcanoes, hurricanes …

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      • There’s things we can do, but it will take a concerted effort and you and I won’t be around to see the benefits if there are any.
        Shortsightedness is always a weakness, profit over planet, everybody’s screwed.

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      • I often voice my belief that I’m witnessing the decline and fall of Western society, maybe humankind.

        The signs are all there, and no suggestion of improvement.

        Better enjoy today, I reckon.


      • As other species are going extinct. Saw a program about Giraffes, down to 90K population.
        It’ll be a cascade effect. Food chains unraveling due to lack of potable water where it’s needed. Where animals and plants live.

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