lagoon #31

we are a solemn gathering now I stand at the top of the path with you looking down into the bowl to me it is a forlorn sight with the floor cracked open like a crazed sore scabbing but too tender to touch the fallen trees are a disquiet in the thin embrace of silence … Continue reading lagoon #31

seasonal content

the season has changed without doubt now in the space of a week it has passed from light summer-doona to winter and back again as the nights have cooled inconsistently from shorts and no shirt to trackie-daks jumper socks and slippers each evening has been starry and cool the night before last it rained a … Continue reading seasonal content

lagoon #30

desiccation has occurred overnight the plump water-fat fish bodies have sagged and shriveled and the waterhole this strangely fascinating study of heat and time and detached involvement has shrunk with them since yesterday it is no more now than a muddy bog a death hallow with disturbing shapes suspended in ghost branches and a handful … Continue reading lagoon #30

the farmer’s march

that and now it is almost past february I’m surrounded by the flashing strobe of lightning the agitation of thunder from here bedded in the heart of the month they say now that it will be march yes march will see the end of el niño the bravest have announced the very date of his … Continue reading the farmer’s march