the moon concedes in three parts

call the sun
I wish to parley

tell him I seek to talk

I will cede to him the day
that he may bright and burn it
while I skulk
in the darkness of night
as a vanquished satellite should do

I will light the sky as well
for though beaten now
yet I was as mighty once
and still I can use light
yes still
I will keep a tiny something from him
that hardly he will miss

so call the sun
make pax between us
I will only claim the sky
when he has turned his head away

and once a cycle I will hide myself
to meditate on my defeat

yet once a cycle too
I will glow
brighter than the brightest stars
to remember
who and what I was

then once also
I will enter
into his light
pale and weak yet I will be there
to show that honour lies
within obeisance

© Frank Prem, 2011

12 thoughts on “the moon concedes in three parts

  1. I guess this may be irrelevant in Australia, but maybe there needs a part 4 for this summer, when the moon pushes its way entirely in front of the sun for the first time in well over a century, as far as U.S. audiences could see. This poem is utterly amazing and leaves me feeling inspired.

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