I was born in the thunder birthed to the whip of the wind my father was known as the weather a cloud was my mother the womb and I would ride -saddled- the storm bucking the blitz strikes of lightning raining on earth down below I am cumulous I am cirrus I am the feather … Continue reading child

forgotten : the night

I was the forgotten one the day the sun forgot left churning in the dark no ray of light no beaming smile ever found me the chill of colour noir I made my own turned my back on belated entreaties turned my back to sorry sounds I turned my back on day I claim the … Continue reading forgotten : the night

oracle midwife (cubist morning : picasso day)

his middle eye is focused on something still to come his other one is watching us with one ear he’s listening the other is not here his lips are murmuring whispers of what will be what will be of what has been a gesture an incantation tics and twitches and shouts and screams birthing rites … Continue reading oracle midwife (cubist morning : picasso day)

Top 5 – Mythologically inspired poems

Concluding the  retrospective posts, I had in mind to showcase a few poems from the Drought/Lagoon collection. When I came to look at it, however, I found it troubling reading (again) and I found I didn't wish to focus on a set that was quite so grim, especially immediately after the Surviving the Devil set yesterday. … Continue reading Top 5 – Mythologically inspired poems

a mythfit ambling

well I have been away joe-campbel-ling back through the years and stars and drawings of by shamen and potsherds of the mother the scattering of osiris I have been away campbell-ambling from the bang wading through the cosmos with the bodies of jesus and mary at light speed still trying to rise to heaven and … Continue reading a mythfit ambling