absorbed (unthinking)

a diminished moon is burning in the light of an invisible sun there are no stars about no twinkle lights the reflected heat perhaps has driven them deeper soft gold like a glow from the inside heart warmed from so far away where the sun shines on some hemisphere some distant hemisphere not thinking of … Continue reading absorbed (unthinking)


the paths

I will take the sunny path the god-ward road I will walkwithin the flame with the deitiesI shall ruleall heaven ~ while I will walkwreathed greyby the smoke to be welcomedby the moon one dayat the end of things I willreturn ancestorsohmy ancestors keep mefrom all gods ~

inevitably (and a wolf poem)

(1) it’s only the night was straight but somehow twisted perhaps it was inevitable when darkness fell I’m only the moon shone clear but somehow misted perhaps this too was inevitable as this moon is only me ~ (2) do you howl at the moon wolf man wolf man do you raise up your head … Continue reading inevitably (and a wolf poem)