Poet In The Rubble (of 9/11)

we misplaced a tiny voice today
I used to read him on the line
before the rubble closed him down
and I may not see his thoughts again
may not read the things he has to say
about New York and the view
from the 100th floor across Manhattan
and its statue

I haven’t always paid attention
sometimes I’ve passed him by
too busy in my head to read
the outpouring of his verse
but I knew that he was there
penning words
on a scrap of paper or on a screen
to share them with a world
where I am a neighbour and a friend
and a loser now

we misplaced another voice today
has anybody heard from Colin
beneath the rubble?

© Frank Prem, 2001

7 thoughts on “Poet In The Rubble (of 9/11)

  1. A tragedy seems sadder if you know someone involved right? this was so beautifully written. There are so many unknown faces creating an impact, leaving their own virtual footprints in others’ minds. Life can take any direction, but the memories remain forever. Like your friend Colin.

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