lightly touch (solace)

a kissfrom the warming sun golden gleamshold the touchof dawn I standeyes closedand basking there is peacewithin the falling ray solace in the touchof light who can think . . . anything at such a moment a motor roaris streaming pasttoo close(about a million miles)but I can tune it out can tune mein can call … Continue reading lightly touch (solace)

streaming a day of honey and light (and flowers and bees)

Pineapple sage 14/04/2020 the sage is a graceful driftof red a carpetof sortsset at the heightof my eyes when the breeze stirsit becomes a dancethat invites a swayingsoftly hummingresponsefrom my sideof the kitchen windowglass stilledin the absenceof so muchas a passing zephyrit is alive mesmerizingly alivewith the ravenous attentionof honey bees it should notbe sofor … Continue reading streaming a day of honey and light (and flowers and bees)

(PAD #031) light and safe

I take the lightaway from the sun bring the nightdown it’s not stealingjusta borrow put it in a jarIhold the lid downthen Iraise itbefore me let the raysand beamsilluminatemy way the night is long the darknessdeep holdingjust a littlesunhelps to keep me . . . keep me pointedthe right way come the morningI’ll let the … Continue reading (PAD #031) light and safe

absorbed (unthinking)

a diminished moon is burning in the light of an invisible sun there are no stars about no twinkle lights the reflected heat perhaps has driven them deeper soft gold like a glow from the inside heart warmed from so far away where the sun shines on some hemisphere some distant hemisphere not thinking of … Continue reading absorbed (unthinking)