bowing before (my) royalty

A Poem a Day in September #9

I bow before the mailman
I bow down before the mail
there’s something of a reverence
or just respect
for what he’s got

it could be a packaged sceptre
maybe a signet
or a crown
that bids me bow low
just a low as I possibly can

you may say

eleven cents
what’s the fuss

or accuse me

you’re overplaying
this is really 
not that much

but I bow low
before the mailman
(my) royalty

© Frank Prem, 2016

Poem #10: goodnight, my western sky

I’m quite chuffed at the moment, you see our mailman brought a letter today that was, in essence, my first royalty cheque. For a grand total of $0.11 cents, and I felt that was worth memorialising in a poem.

Some while ago, Leanne Murphy and I collaborated on a little song that ended up being included on a Community Music Victoria CD and songbook – Sing It -, and has since been taken up here and there by various community music groups, which is a huge delight in its own right.

One community group’s effort with the song (done mainly with brass instruments, I think) is described here, and makes a quite interesting read. I think there is a YouTube upload of the group performing the track there as well.

Anyway, today I received a Royalty, and I’m still laughing over it.



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