best words (repainted)

A Poem a Day in September: #35 (Final) and I see that I am like a painter drawn over and again to repeat my theme a self-portrait sketched in raindrops then roughed afresh and differently the same in the night I hear the wind howl lonely it sings the low song to me even the … Continue reading best words (repainted)

for the coming of the wind

A Poem a Day in September: #34 I live in the house of the song of the wind in darkness the gale calls and howls ~ I ride the black night on the sound of the wind each cry lifts me up and beguiles ~ I spurn my sleep I wait for the wind she … Continue reading for the coming of the wind

there – at the gorge

A Poem a Day in September: #31 Inspired by the pastel painting: View from Spring Creek Bridge by Leanne Murphy did I once swim in that sweet pool where a rose-blush lies upon the honey and laughter bubbles the white water under the curtain shelf of the little waterfall was that a glimpse of me … Continue reading there – at the gorge

axeman: daily: the splits

there are hard ones there are soft ones there are cross-grains and rotten cores the splitter bites the splitter rings the splitter shatters eucalypt rounds far and wide one by one the blocks are transformed from backyard eminence into firewood I stop to catch a breath and size the task the next round a large one? or … Continue reading axeman: daily: the splits

a journey of raindrops

A Poem a Day in September #26 when they fall they begin from the bottom of the top soaring gliding flying colliding avoiding riding they stop their fall a dead halt when they strike the top pounding smashing splatting rebounding soaking landing where the earth meets the sky they journey no more © Frank Prem, … Continue reading a journey of raindrops