writing in the moon

shall I write for you
dear reader
the way a fish might do
in swirls and circles
through the water
barely faint disturbance
to the placid surface

all energy

the wagtail
curlicues and exclamations
spattered all across the page

aura-format memoranda
of an excitement
hard contained

should I pen
my name in sparkler red
and orange
a continuous flow
of letters
until the glow fades
and you cannot see me
writ before you

ought I for you
as the feather
quilling in
a free-float of words
that gentle
around suggested meanings
and take their time
to reach a point
but pretty
so very pretty
on their wafted way

perhaps you’d care
to puff them back
a never concluded
sentence suspended
as a mystery in air

or better
if I etch in echoes
of the words you say
you say you say
to let you read on paper
that I can hear you
clean and clear
and clear
but ever

perhaps a smelt
the way the sun
through heat and sear
burnt like rage
at the height of noon

but no

the lunar sphere has words
that seem to me
more elegant
was always more
the colour
I wrote best

I will in silver

the way the moon

© Frank Prem, 2003


3 thoughts on “writing in the moon

    • Thanks so much for the lovely compliment, Anita.

      This is a favourite of mine to read to an audience. It lets me use voice to play with the echo, the fade and the bigness of the sun. I like to invite/encourage the listeners to close eyes and go on the journey with me, so getting voice play involved is a big plus.

      I think it’s almost the opposite approach to slam stuff, where it seems to me to be all about visual action, though I don’t get out much these days, so I could be wrong.

      Really pleased you enjoyed the piece.



      Liked by 1 person

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