From NASA with love for Christmas: is over

even in the stars explosions fill the void I peer at the shapes and I can see war helmets and I hear the sound of jackboots crushing light beneath them these are the times that they are nothing I can do will change them I know ... I know yet I wonder what a day … Continue reading From NASA with love for Christmas: is over

Small Miracles (Leanne Murphy)

Leanne Murphy - wife and life partner to me - has put together a small wish for any and all to share in. It is located on her social media page and titled - Small Miracles. It is my great pleasure to share it with you, and to add my heartfelt wishes for a safe and … Continue reading Small Miracles (Leanne Murphy)

the alchemist’s fire

masculine principles strike at the center feminine principles veiled from without he muttered to himself as he mixed his compound alone bedraggled through his own neglect filled with hunger yet unaware of being hungry of the last time he had eaten masculine … center … feminine … with the last mutter the last ingredient the … Continue reading the alchemist’s fire

who heard the score

nobody heard the concert begin the tapping of the baton by the conductor first violin the overture nobody but one silently each movement (turn a page) silently crescendo (turn a page) silently chorale chant and sing (turn a page) (turn a page) (turn over another page) nobody heard but the reader (turn a page) ~ … Continue reading who heard the score

the well (2)

Poem #322 from a series of poems drawn from the imagination and collected as: a Bachelard reverie. Back to Bachelard and me – Introduction it is a constant almost permanent brightness a gleam especially as it shines solitaire in this deep shaft of absence a wet ripple mirroring the light of nothing but a white glisten … Continue reading the well (2)