before winter

while the days are yet a flourish
in the mornings with the lazy ray of sun
that rides above the current cold
of winter breath
there is a puff of cloud
no more
a blinking of the eyes has passed
and grey is come from nowhere
over-filling blue and the immediate surrounds

I will dance upon the green
of luffing grasses
stooped in the act of making wind-puffed
ripple waves
almost sleeping
for the days are growing short
and cool
too cool above the ground

but watch me rise
a leap
to make the sound of clicking heels
and the devil
may he care
for I do not
I am preoccupied
among the drumming rhythms of my feet
to patterns I imagine
with the vigour of a flourish
oh these lazy zephyrous days

come hold my hand and dance you
with me now
before the heavy breath
of winter
sets a weight upon our shoulders
and the season bears us down

© Frank Prem, 2002

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