at Koko Black


that’s magnificent

here we are in Koko Black
the noir is in this chocolate
the noir is in these beans
the noir is in the lighting
barely more than
Koko Black

that’s my kind of coffee

in Koko Black
the dark is in no-need-to-ask
the dark is in brown swirls
the dark is in the colour
of the waiter’s threads so
Koko Black


rake thin

he looks like the model last month
on the cover of Vogue
slim jeans
long legs
a flounce
that is a shawl across his shoulder
beneath the pony tail

he stalks this salon


in high boots
of patent leather
he stalks these floors
like a proprietor
of the air

in Koko Black


this is a jewel shop
each piece
has a special place

walnut cluster

centres are displayed
laid out on velvet

dark brown on black

oh yes
which one did you try
oh yes
this piece is special oh
oh yes-s-s

this one for you

is a piece
of Koko Black

© Frank Prem 2016

Daily Prompt: Darkness


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