shaman (to the hunt)

the man who was the bull who was the snake sheds his skin then rises up new once more he wears the hide that was buffalo adjusts the mask and becomes the deer through the snout of wolf through the eyes of owl he knows this is the time through the feet of bear he … Continue reading shaman (to the hunt)


a spring smoke ring

it is still cold here surprising when the spring progression so often throws up glorious days of promising sun and glowing warmth the evidence is presented by a wattlebird ugly grey-speckled harridan of the garden red-cheeked raucous and discordant squawker of alleged birdsong raising its head from among the leaves of a flowering gum to … Continue reading a spring smoke ring

through passion (hey!)

the world was built from passion the dancers rose up out of the centre red-sheathed and entwined emerging smooth from the living orange to swirl around each other blended in motion ta-ra-ta-ta tara-ta-tata-ta-ta ta-ra-ta-ta he bent her backwards her hair fell low in it’s wake a forest ta-a-ra-ta-ta they kicked out together and where their … Continue reading through passion (hey!)