yellow mellow; desiccation north

on the radio
in the car when I was driving from work
the weatherman was chatting
to Ms Drive Time:

… and at home we say
if it’s yellow
let it mellow
if it’s brown
flush it on down …

and then they went on
to talk about
using buckets at home
in the shower

especially for the water that runs away
until the hot kicks in

just the way that we do


today the government declared
fifty percent
maybe more
of this massive continent
is subject to special circumstances

there’ll be drought relief
for another two years

each farmer will be able to buy
five thousand dollars worth
of counseling

have his borrowings subsidised
up to around a half
of a million

and maybe he’ll decide
to leave the land
his bowl of dust that used to green
in the spring
but there’s no pressure
that decision will be up to him

and god

or maybe this time
it’s the last of it

I heard that
in the heart of drought
four each week
find a brand new use
for bailing twine

on the edge of a ripe crop
of un-reason
and a harvest burden handed down
through generations

they swing
bitter kissed by a hot wind
from the north
that whispers desiccation


some days
he said
our family can go all day
with just one flush

then gave
a forecast
for tomorrow

fine again

© Frank Prem, 2006

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2 thoughts on “yellow mellow; desiccation north

  1. This really brings home the difficulties of the harsh Australian climate.
    Chilling ‘new use for bailer twine’. And all framed by the mellow yellow theme.


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