A Specialist at The Recycled Heart – epub release date

Woo Hoo! Against all likelihoods, I’ve just uploaded an epub digital copy of ‘A Specialist at The Recycled Heart‘ to Smashwords, for release on 12th September 2022.

Out of order, completely not what was planned, but there it is. A Specialist is a kind of companion collection to The Garden Black. Speculative and out of this world (a bit).

Here is the cover:

A Specialist – cover image – 12/08/2022

In coming days I’ll upload to Amazon and wherever else I need to to have that all happening. I will then schedule the paperback release – possibly a few days earlier than the 12th, mainly to enable any early reviewers who would like to post a review in time for the epub release.

I will also be making a digital copy available to my ARC (Advanced Reading Copy) group, so if you are not a member of that group and would like to be, let me know. All I need is a preferred first name and an email address. You’ll get to read the book first and have a chance to shape prospective reviewers interest by posting yor own reviews and telling what you thought of the coillection. There are many readers who instinctively feel that poetry is not something that would appeal to them. You could help change their minds!

If I get a chance, I’ll record a couple of the poems from the collectionand post them to YouTube, though these are busy times and I’m not sure how I’ll go with that.

This has been perhaps the smoothest preparation of a book for publication that I’ve experienced, and I’m hoping readers will sense that as they handle the book and read the poems.

I’ll keep you informed as each little landmark and milestone is passed. Meanwhile, I’ve made a Universal Booklink that should offer to take you to your favorite bookstore (digital editions) to check it out. Here is the Universal link.


26 thoughts on “A Specialist at The Recycled Heart – epub release date

  1. Excellent news, Frank! I know you’re flat out getting everything done, but when you have a moment, try to remember how you felt with the /first/ one. That’s how far your tech skills have come. Congratulations most sincerely. 🙂

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