An indulgence

A little while ago, during a period of Long Service leave from my psychiatric nursing job I got carried away with turning my entire back catalog into book form, ending up with 20 general collections of work and about 10 themed collections that are earmarked for for listing as available books. One of the collections … Continue reading An indulgence

Voices – in my mailbox!

I received my first box of stock for sale of the Voices (In The Trash) book, today. Both hardcover and soft. Voices (In The Trash) - final I took a small gamble that the last cover adjustments I had uploaded would be executed as I wanted, and I think they have come out ok, so … Continue reading Voices – in my mailbox!

the first violin and other ghostly verses

Slow progress, but I am now left with just one collection of written work to bind up into a book format. It has been quite an undertaking, but in the end it is only the ghosts that remain. Fitting, really. The heading for this post is the likely title for the collection of ghost-style poems. … Continue reading the first violin and other ghostly verses

The latest tranche – 7 more Archives

Archive Books 10 - 16 Deliveries are so very exciting! I delight in anticipating and then receiving little packages of books, and the most recent lot arrived just a minute ago. A mixed bag, in the covers (again), at first impression. Two what was I thinking! The remaining five, I quite like, and I'll tell … Continue reading The latest tranche – 7 more Archives

Unveiling the new!

Well, I'm quite delighted. An early birthday present. Some pics are in order! Opening the package. Always a good moment. The first opening. The gang of ten. Eight books comprising my Bachelard Interpreted Omnibus. These are intended for me to edit at leisure and to have in book form for my personal library. There are … Continue reading Unveiling the new!