The latest tranche – 7 more Archives

Archive Books 10 - 16 Deliveries are so very exciting! I delight in anticipating and then receiving little packages of books, and the most recent lot arrived just a minute ago. A mixed bag, in the covers (again), at first impression. Two what was I thinking! The remaining five, I quite like, and I'll tell … Continue reading The latest tranche – 7 more Archives

And now, there is more.

A couple of weeks back I posted about receiving a new set of books - my Bachelard Interpreted series, with 8 volumes and Book of Evenings and Memoir of a Dog thrown in. That post is here. Since then I've had a fire lit beneath to get my archive together and into book form, so … Continue reading And now, there is more.

Unveiling the new!

Well, I'm quite delighted. An early birthday present. Some pics are in order! Opening the package. Always a good moment. The first opening. The gang of ten. Eight books comprising my Bachelard Interpreted Omnibus. These are intended for me to edit at leisure and to have in book form for my personal library. There are … Continue reading Unveiling the new!

Progress on the Bachelard Series

I've penned an entry at my Author site re progress towards turning my Bachelard collection of poems into book format. I'm calling the series Bachelard Interpreted. I've included a little discussion about issues involved in creating a book when the text is over-large, book covers and such. If you're interested, this link will take you … Continue reading Progress on the Bachelard Series

Book reviews – Rescue and Redemption

Thank you so much, Debby and Claire for reading and reviewing the third book in A Love Poetry Trilogy - Rescue and Redemption. I am truly blessed by the people who read what I write and encourage me to continue to focus and develop (even at this late stage) what I write and how I … Continue reading Book reviews – Rescue and Redemption

Pebbles to Poems – the campaign begins!

I suppose Stage 1 was getting the book formatted and working as it is supposed to (I hope). I've gone a step further now, and have made the book available to buy pre-release to a select group (which is readers of this blog, at present) for zero dollars. I'm hoping that I've managed that right. … Continue reading Pebbles to Poems – the campaign begins!