half a mind (to worry)

half a mind (to worry) - 25/09/2022 do notworry don’t stress this is –just –me looking inand looking out not entireandnot complete butwithout my usualpretences who am Iwhen Iam only half whatam Iwhen so muchof me –of I –is missing do not worry I am ok don’t stressI will be alrightin time and thisis a … Continue reading half a mind (to worry)

will be (all)

will be (all) - 23/09/2022 were youthe recipientofa strange look . . . a crookedglance an avoidance of eyecontact . . . did not knowwhereto look what to see what you shouldunseeif you can do not beconcerned the universesees everything the universeknows all . . . it knowsenoughin any case enough and everythingwill calm itselfwillright … Continue reading will be (all)

The teachings of ten year old boys (and certain bears and their condiments)

https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B091886W4X The Beechworth Bakery Bears (Amazon Australia link) - 21/09/2022 I had an interesting encounter with a 10 year old boy, yesterday. This young man had recently taken a copy of The Beechworth Bakery Bears book to school - a 'show and tell' kind of arrangement, I suppose, and he was keen to inform me … Continue reading The teachings of ten year old boys (and certain bears and their condiments)

in the floe (sup long)

in the floe (sup long) - 17/09/2022 my dearmy dearthe nectar floesare running pouring down thickly like meadinto a cup the nectar floesof summerrunfor you catchwhat you can drinkwhen you may the honey daysare few enoughand life . . . is a sweet thingtoo briefand too swiftit runs waterthroughmy fingers airthat Ican no longer catch … Continue reading in the floe (sup long)

Ida – a little fun and revelation.

Ida! Cover Extract from Ida: Searching for The Jazz Baby - 17/08/2022 It's been a job, but I am assuring and reassuring myself that I have just uploaded the very last text revision before I hold a copy of the book in my hands. Hopefully, I can order a couple of proof copies of Ida: … Continue reading Ida – a little fun and revelation.

alone together (share the wind)

alone together (share the wind) - 14/09/2022 in a crowded worldit is hard –so hard –to be me I can’t tellsometimeswhat is minewhat is yours I can’t tellsometimeswhere I begin or where youare butI sailas close to the windas I can and you sailso close to the windand her shrill cries she singsin bothour sails … Continue reading alone together (share the wind)

Preparing presentations! Events move quickly.

When I last wrote, I think I was updating progress toward getting a Jazz Baby book together so that I could make some progress on a presentation. A bit of a whinge about how hard it all was, I think. I'm well pleased today, however. As things stand, a book 'Ida: Searching for The Jazz … Continue reading Preparing presentations! Events move quickly.

so small too small (homeward bound)

so small too small (homeward bound) - 12/09/2022 and youso small . . . I see you ~ the ocean isa biggestthing its disinterestspreads vastaround you and its windsmay comeand they mayblow youmay flybefore them (theywill not know) (theywill notcare) for youso small you aretoo small ~ I seeyou I knowwhere you are I watch … Continue reading so small too small (homeward bound)