A Specialist at The Recycled Heart – publication day.

Yesterday (9th September) was paperback release day. What a wonderful feeling to set another creation free in the wide world of books! As it turns out, I can't find it listed anywhere in paperback form, so there must be a little glitch in the system, somewhere. Oh well . . . In any case, I … Continue reading A Specialist at The Recycled Heart – publication day.

What busy times!

I'm constantly amazed at the way my life fills itself up with little obsessions and fixations, generally associated mere whim or fad - if that isn't saying the same thing. Something catches my attention and I'm off exploring it until I'm exhausted by the effort, or I have exhausted what I can gain for the … Continue reading What busy times!

A Specialist at The Recycled Heart – epub release date

Woo Hoo! Against all likelihoods, I've just uploaded an epub digital copy of 'A Specialist at The Recycled Heart' to Smashwords, for release on 12th September 2022. Out of order, completely not what was planned, but there it is. A Specialist is a kind of companion collection to The Garden Black. Speculative and out of … Continue reading A Specialist at The Recycled Heart – epub release date

Frank’s big book day (Part 2)

Two new books Two more new books today - 05/08/2022 Along with the #Ukraine books I posted about here, I received copies of two more books. Flock, and A Specialist At The Recycled Heart. Both of them have had some hard yards performed on them to get across the line. Flock Flock - as a … Continue reading Frank’s big book day (Part 2)

The Garden Black – Liz’s Review

Thank you, Liz Gauffreau for a wonderful review of 'The Garden Black'. Liz likens her reading to an experience of jazz, and I could not be more delighted with such a description. The Garden Black marks a departure, for me, from the comfort of writing whatever comes to mind, to the exploration - in a … Continue reading The Garden Black – Liz’s Review

The Garden Black – Marj’s review.

A wonderful day for receiving reviews for The Garden Black. Thank you to Marjorie Mallon for this wonderful review on Goodreads. Marj is a talented young adult fantasy author from the UK and I can highly recommend her work. Here is the link to Marj's review on Goodreads. If you'd like to check out her … Continue reading The Garden Black – Marj’s review.

‘Song For The Horizon’ on AntipodeanSF Radio Show

My thanks go to Ion Newcombe, intrepid host of The AntipodeanSF Radio Show which is broadcast on 2NVR Nambucca Valley Radio. Ion has broadcast three parts of 'Song For The Horizon' poem group taken out of my The Garden Black collection. Links to the shows that include my readings are below: Arne Armstrong Armor Tune … Continue reading ‘Song For The Horizon’ on AntipodeanSF Radio Show

The Garden Black – on its way!

I noticed last evening that IngramSpark - my printer/distributor for paper edition books - has started to despatch pre-orders of The Garden Black. Anyone who has pre-ordered a copy might be pleased to know that it is on its way. Seeing that took my mind back to the writing of the collection and I recalled … Continue reading The Garden Black – on its way!

Learning a few Photoshop skills

My graphic design course is proceeding at pace. End of Term 1 is at the end of next week (so soon!) and I've been enjoying getting instruction and opportunity to develop skills in industry standard graphic design software programs - Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, this term. Next term I'll be introduced to InDesign. It's quite … Continue reading Learning a few Photoshop skills