The Garden Black – Liz’s Review

Thank you, Liz Gauffreau for a wonderful review of 'The Garden Black'. Liz likens her reading to an experience of jazz, and I could not be more delighted with such a description. The Garden Black marks a departure, for me, from the comfort of writing whatever comes to mind, to the exploration - in a … Continue reading The Garden Black – Liz’s Review

The Truth of Time – live on SpillWords

I mentioned yesterday that my poem - The Truth of Time - was to be published on the SpillWords ( site. I'm delighted to share the link to the poem, which is now live. I won't say more about the poem - which I've discussed here before - other than that it is accompanied by … Continue reading The Truth of Time – live on SpillWords

Sunday Book Review – Garden Black by Frank Prem #Poetry

How wonderful to receive a review of The Garden Black from Debby Gies (D. G. Kaye) in her Sunday Book Review feature.

Debby is a wonderful writer/blogger and humorist of note, and I’m quite chuffed with her choice of poems to highlight – particularly ‘jet on night’, which fascinated me while I was trying to get my head around the idea enough to convey to a reader.

Thank you so much, Debby.

My Sunday Book Review is for the latest collection of speculative poetry by Frank Prem. I have enjoyed reading many of Frank’s books because his poetry interpretations take us along with him on his observations whether real or fiction, his truth shines through.


The Garden Blackpoetry collection is a venture into fantasy and speculative fiction based on the dual themes ofrain forestandfantasy.

. The rainforest becomes a desert, and then the sea.

. A man in a satellite orbits the earth while playing his violin and pondering. A girl gazes up at the passing light and dances.

. Od Ovo- a youth who isfrom here,raises the dust of frustrated boredom on a mining asteroid, and cannot believe traveller tales of places where water falls from the sky.

. What colour are the flowers in the Reaper’s garden? They areallcolours…

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there are bears . . . (of certain attitude)

cute bears (all) there arecute bears they are allso cute every one of themwould likea home with you cute bear #1 especiallywith you butsome of them cute (too sweet) bear #2 are just too sweetyou know some of themtoo soft cute (too soft) bear #3 I find someof them a little . . . strange … Continue reading there are bears . . . (of certain attitude)

‘Song For The Horizon’ on AntipodeanSF Radio Show

My thanks go to Ion Newcombe, intrepid host of The AntipodeanSF Radio Show which is broadcast on 2NVR Nambucca Valley Radio. Ion has broadcast three parts of 'Song For The Horizon' poem group taken out of my The Garden Black collection. Links to the shows that include my readings are below: Arne Armstrong Armor Tune … Continue reading ‘Song For The Horizon’ on AntipodeanSF Radio Show

Small Town Kid – a surprise review

Thank you Joy Neal Kidney for a wonderful review of Small Town Kid. It is so marvelous to find that these little stories of childhood in 1960s and 70s Australia resonate with readers in other countries - the United States, in this case. The price of this book in paperback format has dropped by a … Continue reading Small Town Kid – a surprise review

Sheep On The Somme – special for ANZAC Day

It is ANZAC day in Australia tomorrow (April 25th). Lest We Forget. Time to revisit my picture poetry book 'Sheep On The Somme'. Available through all online booksellers. Here is the universal link that will take you to some of them. Sheep On The Somme - 24/04/2022 I just took a peek on Amazon to … Continue reading Sheep On The Somme – special for ANZAC Day

Travelling to Clunes Booktown

Clunes Booktown Have I mentioned Clunes Booktown before? I rather suspect I have. It is a mighty festival of all things books and bookselling and authoring and such. I helped man a tent selling Speculative Fiction books a few years back (2019, I think) and had a heck of a good time stopping people in … Continue reading Travelling to Clunes Booktown

The Garden Black – promo #5

It will be nice to have the digital edition of The Garden Black released at the end of the month. The Garden Black promo - 20/04/2022 TheGardenBlack - paperback is out now and shipping! The #1 new release in Australian and Oceanian Poetry. Get your copy, now! Poetry #speculativefiction #SpeculativePoetry