Please release me . . .

Have just finalised the release date for the Bakery Bears book ‘Waiting For Frank-Bear’. The two editions (hardback and softcover) will go live on 12th November. I imagine they will be available for pre-order at Amazon and the other on-line bookshops within a day or so. It’s quite a relief to get that far, though there is still a lot of paperwork to be done.

I’ll try to come to grips with a digital version next week.

There have been a fair few tweaks and changes to the book, including to the colour of the cover, which is now the same as for the first book.

Here it is, below:

Waiting For Frank-Bear – cover reveal 22/10/2021

A Lake Sambell Walk is also fully finalised now (famous last words!) and is scheduled for release on 1st December, 2021. Digital versions of this collection are finalised and I’m quite happy with both paper and digital.

Don’t forget that the digital version is available for $0.99 on Smashwords as a pre-release promo. I’m expecting to bang out a newsletter in the next few days and will probably offer it for free to subscribers.

I don’t do Newsletters anywhere near as often as I shoudl or would like to, but if you would like to subscribe, pop over to my author site at There is a sign up box that will loom large to invite your subscription.

That’s about all I have for the moment, but just for something different, I’ll pop the link for the Lake Sambell walk on Nook Books (love the name!). Nook Books is the Barnes and Noble digital book reader. One of the reasons for taking pains to master the ‘epub’ digital format is so that places like Nook Books can list the work. Take a peek,

A Lake Sambell Walk – cover image featuring cormorants on the lake – 22/10/2021

8 thoughts on “Please release me . . .

  1. Yes it does take a while. I had a lot of pressure from colleagues, who would like to have inherited my sales territory (it was actually split several ways when I did leave). I commented to a friend about that, and her response was that I would know when I was ready — When I finally decided I was ready, it took all of about a month before I actually retired! But I do agree with the apprenticeship concept — it helps!

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