run run (with majesty)

Majesty - 02/12/20221 some daysI playwith majesty and the greataboveplays with meI know I know I standand stareas the might aboveshape-changes I am justa childdiscoveringmy aweagain in the heart of white in the heartof grey beneatha raindropfalling all the wayfrom there ... down ... down ... to me I doa little dance –three stepsin cotton … Continue reading run run (with majesty)

a lament (with no cherries)

Who is the third who walks always beside you ~ wellI won’t be doingthe cherriesthis year or any of the other fruiteitherfor that matter the orchard belongsto my youngerbrother I never wanted itwhen we were younger I went offand got a jobwith a reliable wagein the town butI’ve always helped him outand worked for himacross … Continue reading a lament (with no cherries)

what story (what ending)

Why then Ile fit you ~ what storyis this the mariner . . . the whale . . . neither yesperhaps neither moremaybeit is of death the little deathof a spiritmortally wounded more againperhapsit is of birth despite everything what storyare you hearingtoldin the oldsailor tradition toldas a toastat the funeral spokenin wonderat the first … Continue reading what story (what ending)

almost inaudible (the wheel turns)

I sat upon the shoreFishing, with the arid plain behind me ~ from the deserttothe sea the mysterious vastnessto the vastmystery all of lifeisa cycle and every wheel mustturn it is nota choicebut lies withinits nature –its very wheel-ness –to do so each turnrevealsa newnessof aspect a new facet from the desertto the seaopposing vastness … Continue reading almost inaudible (the wheel turns)

new light (shines bigger)

each confirms a prisonOnly at nightfall ~ the songis an insistentthing there is a demandin the chords within the notes soundpenetratesand there is noavoidingeven ifthere was a willto do so a time comeswhen it is necessaryto confrontby embracing to conquerby absorbinginhalingosmosing . . . and changingwith it is no longera strugglebut morean enlarging a lifebecoming … Continue reading new light (shines bigger)

when the lost pod sings (to sea again)

Only a cock stood on the rooftreeCo co rico co co rico ~ the mariners –old whale-men all –gather perchedon makeshift stools squattingor simplyon the groundwith their backsagainsta wall these menhave known hardshipat the whimof oceansand are not abovea seatupon the steady earth their handsare a devilish rainbowof lined weatherblack pitchand the golden-brownfrom the foul-bacsmokedor … Continue reading when the lost pod sings (to sea again)