With progress comes obligation.

I've ben progressing my archive project. Organising the last volumes and collections, that will bring the project to a close by the end of the year, with a little luck. I'm discovering that this work comes with obligations, as it is not enough just to organise a certain amount of work into a given number … Continue reading With progress comes obligation.

And now, there is more.

A couple of weeks back I posted about receiving a new set of books - my Bachelard Interpreted series, with 8 volumes and Book of Evenings and Memoir of a Dog thrown in. That post is here. Since then I've had a fire lit beneath to get my archive together and into book form, so … Continue reading And now, there is more.

A little more on covers . . .

I posted earlier today about covers and provided an image from the batch of books that I'm currently waiting to receive - most likely next week. Here is that post if you'd like to re-visit that. I'm quite the amateur in regard to covers, with a lot still to master in regard to artistry and … Continue reading A little more on covers . . .

Archive covers

I thought folk might be interested in what I'm doing for covers with the archive group of books/collections. The first group I did - Bachelard Interpreted - I chose a piece of burnt log and then played around with filters and the like to get 8 different cover images out of it. Mixed success, I'd … Continue reading Archive covers

Pebbles to Poems – Review

A lovely review of Pebbles to Poems posted at Smashwords and Goodreads by Chris Hall (luna's on line). Thank you Chris. Here is the review, posted on Goodreads. Don't forget, Pebbles to Poems is still available at no cost in e-book formats at Smashwords. Follow this link if you'd like a copy. The code you … Continue reading Pebbles to Poems – Review

Unveiling the new!

Well, I'm quite delighted. An early birthday present. Some pics are in order! Opening the package. Always a good moment. The first opening. The gang of ten. Eight books comprising my Bachelard Interpreted Omnibus. These are intended for me to edit at leisure and to have in book form for my personal library. There are … Continue reading Unveiling the new!

Dealing with the Poetry Archive

I've been a little absent from the blog of late. There is still writing going on in the background, with various projects progressing slowly. I had a little epiphany a couple of days ago, though, which has taken over my working existence, and I thought I'd share it with you. I'm dealing with the archive. … Continue reading Dealing with the Poetry Archive