The Sweet Smell – of new books!

I am quite, quite delighted to share my new arrivals. Over the Seasonal break I was busy formatting work like crazy. For the sheer excitement of it, I decided to play with new size and structure (and look) for Seventeen Syllable Poetry work. New Books - the first of 2022! 17/01/2022 So, what have we … Continue reading The Sweet Smell – of new books!

Friday With Friends – writing with images

I'm very pleased to share a link to Camilla Downs Friday with Friends feature in which I have indulged myself with an exploration of my approach to using images to create poetry. It is always interesting to me personally to have the opportunity, from time to time, to ponder what I do and how I … Continue reading Friday With Friends – writing with images

Sunday Book Review – Picture Poetry, A Lake Sambell Walk by Frank Prem

My thank to Debby for posting a lovely review of A Lake Sambell Walk.

I feel very fortunate to be able to share a favorite place, and a lovely walk from my home town with you.

Best wishes for a wonderful New Year.


Welcome to my Sunday Book Review. Today I have a sweet review for a recent #Newrelease by Frank Prem – A Lake Sambell Walk. Frank is known for his free-verse poetry and in this book he has created a picture book to accompany his observational prose.


A Lake Sambell Walk is a stroll around the iconic man-made lake that lies at the heart of historically significant Beechworth, Victoria (Australia).

The lake was created by gold miners of the 19th century washing away the soil in their wild search for gold at the height of the gold rush era.

Today, the lake is a beautiful setting for fish and ducks and dabchicks (grebes).

Join Frank Prem for pleasant armchair stroll in A Lake Sambell Walk.

Welcome to Beechworth!

My 5 Star Review:

As a lover of free-verse poetry, I’ve enjoyed several of this author’s books. A Lake Sambell Walk is…

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A Lake Sambell Walk – Liz’s Review

What a wonderful Christmas surprise for me. The wonderful Liz Gauffreau has posted a lovely review of A Lake Sambell Walk. Liz's review on Goodreads is here. One of the beauties of being my own publisher lies in the ability to pursue whims and personal interests. A Lake Sambell Walk falls very much into that … Continue reading A Lake Sambell Walk – Liz’s Review

Merry Christmas, 2021

I'm planning to wind down my online activities for the year from around now, so I thought I should take the opportunity to thank everyone who has followed along with the blog here and my various publishing activities through 2021. You make this obsession of mine with writing and publishing poetry feel a little special. … Continue reading Merry Christmas, 2021

Crevice Communities Online Exhibition today!

Just a reminder that the Crevice Communities online exhibition will launched today (17th December, at 17: hours AEST). If you would like to tune in to the launch and see yours truly and others for a Panel discussion, I'm posting a link to my original not of a couple of days ago. Follow the links … Continue reading Crevice Communities Online Exhibition today!

Smashwords Sale starts today

Just a reminder that Smashwords Christmas sale starts today (17th December). Below is the text of my previous post about the sale. Grab a digital book for yourself, or for a friend. F~ ~~~~~ I've just enrolled most of my digital books for the Smashwords EOY sale, which starts on 17th December. Most books are … Continue reading Smashwords Sale starts today

Crevice Communities – empanelled!

Another little note regarding the Crevice Communities online exhibition that is set to be launched on this coming Friday. I'm delighted to have been invited to take part in a Panel discussion as part of the launch. I must remember to have a glass of wine in hand to ensure I can speak fluidly . … Continue reading Crevice Communities – empanelled!

Busy, busy, book design!

What is a good representation of air? I have been blissfully indulging myself in the tasks of formatting two books simultaneously - the first fruit that I hope to publish from my Bachelard Interpreted series. It sounds grand, but it is really just me responding and reacting to what I have read. You'll recall that … Continue reading Busy, busy, book design!