the square (cross)

Southern Cross and pointers, above my roof in Beechworth, 4 am

they say the cross
a funny square


I see it

at four


Attention, Chris Hall.

A while ago, Chris Hall and I and a couple of other folk had a little discussion about our perspectives on the night sky. Even when we are looking at the same objects, they are differently positioned or turned onto their heads up there or otherwise changed. Some thoughtful writing ensued and I was quite delighted to consider different perspectives.

I rashly undertook to post a picture of the Southern Cross in order to refute certain unkind remarks about the cross-ness (or otherwise) of this stellar constellation (see what I did there?).

Anyway, it was all too hard until I woke in the middle of the night and had a flash of recall about it. I’m beginning to learn a little more about taking happy snaps of the sky above, but this is a shaky one that’ll have to do.

At least the lines are straight, hey?


7 thoughts on “the square (cross)

    • That’s what I like to hear, Chris!

      Seriously, I’m just enjoying knowing that I. Can take a picture with my phone.

      Seriously contemplating a 🔭 for home (though NASA does it better).


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