feeling (for life)

in the dull canalOn a winter evening round behind the gashouse ~ what joy there is a medalistin the waterat the olympic games they are timelythese gamesof twenty twenty-one put offfor a year held –as though aloof –amid waveupon waveof sickness they have arrivedjust as the poorwretchesto the north of usneed persuasionto stay at home … Continue reading feeling (for life)

another day, another rabbit (er . . . pigeon) to pursue . . .

Flock project - sample page #1 26/07/2021 Back awhile (in 2018) I had the good fortune of having two flocks of pigeons grace the sky over and around my home, here in Beechworth. I'm not sure what happened, but around the same time, perhaps 18 months or 2 years ago, they both disappeared. I believe … Continue reading another day, another rabbit (er . . . pigeon) to pursue . . .

quick quick (watch them twirl)

A rat crept softly through the vegetation ~ they are quick politicians their artis to turn the story – the wholeof the virus –into a thingthat isfor them orto turn the thingso that it facesaway preferablytowarda rival onewho will appeara lesssympatheticcharacter less likeable appealing competent to a persuadable . . .gull-ableconstituency it is a dance … Continue reading quick quick (watch them twirl)

still (bellowing)

Sweet Thames, run softly till I end my song,Sweet Thames, run softly ~ Silver Creek - after the rain 21/07/2021Silver Creek there is a beautyin storms a beautyin the aftermath today presentsas a morningof sunlightsparklingon the frost the airrarifiedin a post-stormclarity I walked –deliberately –to the nearby creek the little streamthat shockedjust a seasonor twoagowhen … Continue reading still (bellowing)

the water (my river) runs

By the waters of Leman I sat down and wept . . . ~ I wondertoday is it my tearsoronly the rain trulythe worldthat I am inis weeping it is notso muchthe ongoing cycleof lockdownand closure so muchas the absenceof any senseof hope of a resolutionin prospect only the repetitionof platitudes the gabbleof the self-protective … Continue reading the water (my river) runs

the past knew better (than to be here)

The river bears no empty bottles ~ beneath a foundation stoneat my junior schoolthey laida time-capsule I was just a childthinking no moreof thatthan the momentary excitementof a special assemblyof studentsand staff and dignitaries the occasionwasa celebration a new buildingand a place . . . new and moreopportunitiesto learn happy day happy day ~ today … Continue reading the past knew better (than to be here)

remember the sun (and light above)

Sweet Thames, run softly, till I end my song ~ these are barrendays these arethebarren days our empire of blueand of greenandof goldis a shrunken thingof brown coloured –discoloured –mud mud men –featureless mannequins animated automatons –proclaimand pronouncewhile rubbing handstogetherin a raspingdry wash declare againand againthat these daysare but an actof god these daysare committedby … Continue reading remember the sun (and light above)

rosy my heart (the grasses wave)

The nymphs are departed ~ do you rememberwhen wewere kids the dayswere longweren’t they the sun wasevery day was it summerthe whole year long . . . I think it was and we playedin the yellow grassandon the ruined ground . . . beneath the hundredyear oldtrees each day stretched –longand wide –like ripened fieldsof … Continue reading rosy my heart (the grasses wave)

it is the sound of sliding (away from light)

The windCrosses the brown land, unheard ~ the soundof this plagueis the whistleof the wind a moaning shrillcried aloudby the afflicted who is sick whi is disbelieving whose pocket-purseis grown empty yesand who among us –who -holds forth . . . or yet feels truth and wholistens whocan hear the weepingabove their ownyammerof self-justificationshoutedinto the … Continue reading it is the sound of sliding (away from light)

existed, passed (unnoticed)

The river’s tent is broken whatis the heartof a thought is it –I ask myself–the notion itself orthe life placed withinby the thinker a small partof a streamof stuff or a wonderincrediblesimply becauseit exists . . . exist-ed . . . for that momentfor one persononly is it a causeof greater dismaythat it wasand now … Continue reading existed, passed (unnoticed)