a song (for the spider)

Spider Orchid, Beechworth Historical Park - 21/10/2021 andwho are youto me onlya spider flower posturingwhile I pass Ican walk away youdon’t frighten me so settle downjustcalm yourself no need to standhigh no needto threaten I’ll leave you alonebutI won’tforget that youstood upwhen I wentwalking past bravespider flowerI salute youwith a photograph a lineof poem anda … Continue reading a song (for the spider)

there is no crowd (within a fog)

Who are those hooded hordes swarmingOver endless plains ~ paths open there is nocrashing no jostling the onethat is dazedprogresses crowds partas thoughhe is a presence . . . hasa presence heis unaware unseeing steppingthrough palloras insubstantialas mist in truththis could beanother land a differentplace for what is occupiedis a roomin his mind a retreatfrom … Continue reading there is no crowd (within a fog)

sing (for once we were)

What is that sound high in the airMurmur of maternal lamentation ~ oooo-weee-ooo-ooo oooo-weee-ooo-ooo let us sing raiseour voices high let us singa songof sweetsad sorrow for the loss –the physical loss –is real and the emptinessis allaround let us singforin our mindswe arestilloneand one in our mindsthe harpoonandsalt water oooooooo-weee-ooo-ooo oceandeep oooo-weee-ooo-ooo waterwide oooo … Continue reading sing (for once we were)

the wave (the one wave)

When I count, there are only you and I together ~ it is saidamongst marinersthatout on the seathere is a wave one wave that is the incarnationof your nameand spirit a wave that holdsyour destiny if you see ityou are . . . doomed destined required you mustbewhat the wave declaresyou to be the marinershold … Continue reading the wave (the one wave)

ponders the mariner (but still the sun burns)

If there were waterAnd no rockIf there were rockAnd also waterAnd waterA springA pool among the rockIf there were the sound of water onlyNot the cicadaAnd dry grass singingBut sound of water over a rockWhere the hermit-thrush sings in the pine treesDrip drop drip drop drop drop dropBut there is no water ~ what if … Continue reading ponders the mariner (but still the sun burns)

square dance grandma (like you did with chairman mao)

There is not even silence in the mountainsBut dry sterile thunder without rain ~ they have silencedthe grandmothers thisis no small thing these old womenhave been throughrevolution they have been through . . . everything andthey have bornetheir children earnttheir chops and so they take overthe parkland they takethe gardens they turnontheir music . . … Continue reading square dance grandma (like you did with chairman mao)

listen (hope sings)

If there were only water amongst the rock ~ there is hopein the songof a blackbird common birdwith aso commonname at first lightandat last he sings it is a songof springandof summer of water running –availableplentiful –to drink butin the dayas the sun climbs . . . he is silent hiddenbeneath a shruborin a thicket … Continue reading listen (hope sings)

white sand white whale white beard white bone (all end all end)

The road winding above among the mountainsWhich are mountains of rock without water ~ there is noocean of sandremaining timehas claimed it . . . moved it onlikea policemanperforming crowd controlat the siteof a calamity an apparition –it is the old mariner –is perchedwithin a skeletal foldof bone the whitened remainsof what must have beena … Continue reading white sand white whale white beard white bone (all end all end)

there is no novelty (and yet)

He who was living is now dead ~ whatis the fascinationwith seasons every yeara new poemof winter a new verseof summer a rejoicingof spring the seasonsare fine thingsbut . . . whatis so fascinating I wonder ~ through this lasttwelve-monthI have watcheddailythe oak trees twomagnificentsthat stand at the rearof the property north all through summerthey … Continue reading there is no novelty (and yet)