only the dust (of greatness)

Backyard Stars, Beechworth Victoria (Australia) January 2021 behold . . . I beholdwith a shaking hand the universehovering in the skyabove me the giant oaksare small the starsare large while Iam nothingbut the dustshed casuallyby greatness ~ Some blurry backyard stars, as promised to Cheryl a couple of days ago.

singing (upon a star)

I standbeneath the deep blue nightgazing upat a star eye to eyeandone to one we watch each other it looks so smalland Iam all I am I am moreandI am nothingat all my star doesn’t carejustgoes on twinkling I feel awein voicesnow like a choirrising songto surround a star aboveand my headtaken overby singing I(eye-eye … Continue reading singing (upon a star)

aye (to the eyes of night)

Eyes of the night eyesin the nightare watching eyes . . . myevery move I watch them backbutI can seeno body I can seeno one only the dark of space light the deep and the eyesthat watch me is it aboutbehaviour . . . I wonder is it aboutmy goodnessmy badness . . . somethingabout … Continue reading aye (to the eyes of night)