the song (of the Flock)

Yesterday, I coincidentally learned a little more about the flock of pigeons that so captivated me with their wheeling around and across the sky a couple of years back. I wonder if anything of this sort is truly coincidence. I was told that the flock was the personal joy of a fragile young man who … Continue reading the song (of the Flock)

April 2021 PAD #30 brisk (goodbye)

It is the first of May, as I write, and so the NaPoWriPMo month has finished. Below is my last. A day late, but close enough, I think. My Poem-a-Day undertaking turned out to be mostly Seventeen Syllable poems and I've been very pleased with how they have been received. Thank you. Just in case … Continue reading April 2021 PAD #30 brisk (goodbye)