Unveiling the new!

Well, I’m quite delighted. An early birthday present. Some pics are in order!

Opening the package.

Always a good moment. The first opening.

The gang of ten.

Eight books comprising my Bachelard Interpreted Omnibus. These are intended for me to edit at leisure and to have in book form for my personal library. There are issues with all sorts of things – not least fonts and cover images, but on the whole, I think these are quite adequate.

The two remaining collections are The Book of Evenings (my very first book release back in 2003), and Memoir of a Dog, from 2009, which represents the 3rd part of my memoir group (with Small Town Kid and The New Asylum). For a long time, I have wanted to bring these 2 collections back to life and what the 2 in the image above represent is a replication of the originals. I can now decide how I want to deal with them before publishing in 2021.

Such a thrill, for me.

Memoir of a Dog is full of illustrations

One of the (many) challenges has been working out how to make images behave themselves within books. Memoir of a Dog is filled with illustrations that Leanne did for the first publication.

I found it a daunting challenge.

One more image of the ten.

The Bachelard tomes are big books by my standards. I generally consider 100 – 130 pages to be substantial for poetry and I know that in some circles, anything over 32 pages constitutes a book of poetry. Personally, I’m governed by the notion that around 100 pages is required to comfortably create a spine for the book, so that represents a minimum, and also a goodly quantity of reading material to represent value for money (sort of).

Every one is an individual . . .

I decided, with these, that I could amuse myself by making each of the Bachelard set unique to my library.

A complete index of poems

I’ve done a few things in my own way while creating these books. Cementing my look’, I suppose. One of the approaches I’ve adopted – for this project, and for my archive set – is to have a minimal Table of Contents, but to create a comprehensive index of poems, tucked away at the back of the book.

Detailing poems in the contents section was quite cumbersome, and this approach seems more elegant.

Happy early birthday, to me.


21 thoughts on “Unveiling the new!

    • There has been a huge investment of my time, Christine, but I’ve gotten to a point where I’m confident that I can assemble a collection to my own satisfaction, when I need to. Very satisfying and it feels elegant. Thank you.

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